About Us

Welcome to TITLE's online store. 

If you have walked into one of our physical TITLE stores in Sydney – you'll know they are highly curated retail spaces, cultural emporiums filled with Music, Film and Books that are known and loved both here and abroad.

Our stores are born of the same DNA but are yet different to each other. Amongst the tens of thousands of interesting items carried in stock across our five stores, many hundreds will be unique and won't be found in any other store. They're chosen by the store manager to reflect their interests, passions and also the demographic of that particular store's location.

This online store cannot replicate the stock holdings of all of the TITLE stores, it currently draws its inventory from, and is shipped out of the two adjoining Sydney stores in Crown St, Surry Hills. 

So dig in online, but also don't forget to visit us when you can for the total TITLE experience.